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Vacuum packaging bags are one of the best flexible packaging methods used. Bags are shelf friendly and are space convenient as they include the process of removing excess air before the bag is completely sealed. This process is done in order to preserve fresh foods. This packaging form is far more compliant for storage purposes.

Vacuum bags were previously considered a very plain packaging pouch that removed excess air, We offer is more than just your ordinary vacuum bags. We offer a stock selection as well as custom made vacuum bags according to your brand’s requirements.

Vacuum bags are helpful for preserving your products and marketing your brand. We make use of the plastic film within the production process including

The combination of these various plastic films adds to the overall strength and flexibility of vacuum bag styles. We produce all stock vacuum bags and custom vacuum bags as laminated bags thus creating a scratch resistant feature.

Vacuum packaging bags have become the new way to safeguard fresh produce against moisture and other harmful molecules that could spoil the products and promote the growith of aerobic bacteria. These bags are useful to preserve fresh products such as

-Meat packaging
-Fish packaging
-Poultry packaging
-Fruit products
-Dried fruit packaging
-Organic food packaging and many others.

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