The Dry Shield bags are IPC / Jedec 33b compliant.

They are characterized by a high penetration strength and are mainly used in the electronics sector (ESD).

The ideal product for the vacuum machine MAX 46 ESD is the ideal packaging for electronic components.



What are dry shielding bags ?

Shielding bags with a humidity barrier for vacuum-packaging of humidity-sensitive components and PCBs. Should be used in conjunction with a given amount of desiccant.

Our DRYSHIELD 150 Moisture Barrier Bags are engineered to protect contents from electro-static shock and moisture. The bags are available in various standard sizes and do comply with several standards, including IPC/JDEC J-STD-033.

We also ensure ESD protection. Multiple layers of metallized polyester provide puncture resistance and moisture barrier for this economical dry package.

This highly reliable material meets or exceeds MVTR and EMI/RFI/Static Shielding requirements of MIL-PRF-81705, Type 1 and EIA 583, Type 2 for static safe, moisture barrier packaging.

Fields of application:

  • Long-term storage, often in combination with desiccant bags
  • Storage of vacuum-packed products
  • Storage of moisture sensitive components and devices MSD

BOSS Offer two thickness 150 micron and 96 micron Dry Shielding Bags. 

For Datasheet Download here : Dry Shielding

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