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Do you have a sample preparation technique that confirms

  • Is actual representative of the material / component
  • All Structural elements are intact,
  • Has No surface / subsurface deformation is introduced
  • Is Without foreign contamination &
  • Plane & Clean reflective surface finish
  • Low cost per sample,
  • SOP is 100% sure of reproducible results

If any of above points is NOT ticked OK. We are there for you !!

Get FREE consultation on

  • Sample preparation techniques,
  • Design, prepare & Implement SOP for repetitive samples,
  • Ad hoc testing & materials situations,
  • Improve on time, quantity and quality of samples prepared,
  • Eliminate excessive costs involved,
  • Post polishing etching and image analysis & Report generation,
  • Failure analysis


  • SIPL consultants have 8+ years of experience in Material Testing & Metallurgical Sample preparation,
  • OEMs with extensive knowledge on machines, consumables & processes for wide range of materials,
  • 75+ years of expertise in metallurgical analysis consumables production,
  • Predefined processes for standard materials,
  • Already consulting 100+ customers,
  • Readily available cases, case studies, testing processes, Hand book references & experience.
  • Full-fledged laboratory set up for inhouse testing
  • And many more.

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