Pharaoh XD 20 – Compact desktop 3D printer

Highlights :

  • Quality. Speed. Precision.
  • High-resolution printing
  • Advanced materials, multi feed
  • Built to last
  • Pharaoh Print Head
  • Automatic calibration
  • Print bed
  • Open materials
  • Simplify3D software



  • Education
  • Visualization
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Product development
  • Functional testing
  • Individual production
  • Architecture
  • Medical
  • Printing service

Quality. Speed. Precision :
Pharaoh is based on delta robot technology. Compared to conventional 3D printers, this enables faster real world print speed with lower levels of vibration and noise — important comfort factors. Top quality custom linear guides ensure smooth and precise movements and sub-movements, delivering best of class print surface quality, smooth movements and precise positioning.

Built to last :
Mass Portal Pharaoh 3D printers are designed and built with a geometric stability reserve, starting from frame. This helps to acchieve best printing quality time and time again and sure first layer material adhesion to the printbed.

Pharaoh Print Head :
Mass Portal designed and custom manufactured all-metal Pharaoh printing head with two heating elements can efficiently melt filament at temperatures up to 300°C for sustained high quality printing at fast real-world speeds. Exchangeable brass nozzles (0.1mm up to 1.4mm diameters) allow the printer to be adapted to different materials and printing needs.

Automatic calibration :
Automatic calibration system measures and adjusts the distance between the printhead and the printbed, and compensates for any slant of the printbed. This ensures that objects stick to the print bed when starting print.

Print bed :
Round Glass printbed ensures perfectly flat surface and maximum print area. Different bed coating options are supported — use bed coating that’s most suitable for your application and material.

Open materials :
Our printers are designed to work with the best 1.75 mm thermoplastic filaments, printing at temperatures up to 300° C.

Simplify3D -Software :
Simplify3D’s advanced 3D printing software allows deep control over printing parameters, empowering you to achieve highest print quality. A full license is included with each Pharaoh 3D printer. Works on Mac, PC and Linux.

Specifications :

Specifications Description
Build Area 200 x 200
Material Feeders 2
Material Compatibility Mass Portal Materials &  Open Materials
Print Chamber Open or enclosed
Side and Front Doors Removable, Transparent froon doors & Side Panels
Air Filtration Air filtration and ventilation system, 4 fans
Print bed Removable glass printbed, heated up to 110°C
Printer weight 23 KG
Software Desktop software: Simplify3D full commercial licence included
OS support: Windows (XP SP3 +); Mac OS X (10.6+); Linux
3D file formats: STL, OBJ; print file format: Gcode
Connections USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Electrical Consumption  Max 360W; nominal 200–230W

Print-head and feeders :

  • Thermoplastic filament diameter 1.75mm;
  • Printing temperature up to 300°C.
  • Geared feeders for precise and smooth filament feed
  • All-metal Mass Portal Pharaoh printing head with dual heaters
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (supplied); optional — 0.2mm; 0.6mm; 0.8mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.01–0.6mm (depending on nozzle diameter and material)
  • Printing speed: up to 300mm/s

Video 1 :

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