Dynasty – Automated Additive 3D Manufacturing System

Future of Production™

Dynasty AMS builds on the proven rapid prototyping technology of Mass Portal 3D printers and takes it to the next level — individualized production and customized, small series parts production.

Modular Adaptable and Scalable :

Dynasty AMS is designed to provide adaptable solutions for small series plastic production
by integrating modular system capabilities as needed.


Automated :

  • Dynasty AMS automatically mounts print beds, calibrates printing units, starts and stores print jobs running production for 24/7 with limited operator attendance.

Desktop to Production™ :

  • Going from desktop prototyping to automated production with the same materials, same software and same printing technology cuts the pre-production time, reengineering and cost to almost zero.
  • Cost of entry is also minimized — a Dynasty AMS project can start with a single Pharaoh desktop 3D printer for application development and can be expanded later building on the gained know-how.

Modular. Adaptable. Scalable.

Dynasty AMS is designed to provide adaptable solutions for small series plastic production
by integrating modular system capabilities as needed.

Open Materials :

  • Dynasty AMS is designed from the ground up to be ultimately flexible with material choice.
    Integrated patent-pending smart filament drying, feeding and management system ensures process stability.
  • Application-specific deployments can be based on the best open materials from the leading vendors.

3D Printing Units :

  • High-definition 3D printing units are stacked in a rack to run individualised or parallized printjobs.
  • Up to 42 printing units are supported by a single automation gantry and printbed gripper system in a double-sided Dynasty AMS configuration, or up to 21 units in a single sided configuration.

FabControl™ Workflow Software :

  • Prepare and run printjobs and manage the whole system workflow.
  • Setup, monitoring and control printing units, materials, automation and storage.
  • Built-in reporting and archiving.


  • Dynasty AMS can be useful in many ways, for many industries.
  • The freedom to use open materials and part design for 3D printing create a lot of options.

1. Materials Testing

Automating material tests or multiple parallel printing units means greatly accelerated development time for new materials. Integrated reporting automates data entry for experiment analysis.

2. Application Development

Creating multiple test versions of parts or the same part with different materials becomes more effective without manually keeping track of simultaneous printers — especially in stages of testing, where multiple parts have to be tested or the 3D printing process stability has to be assessed.

3. Shared Print Lab

A mix of system capabilities for multiple applications in shared-service environments such as educational laboratories or printing shops.

4. Dental Clear Aligner Molds

Automation for production of molds for dental clear-aligners — high precision prints of similar, but individual models. Automated job preparation, slicing, printing, storage is provided.

5. Assistive Devices

Production system for production of end-use assitive devices. Integrated automatic slicing can accelerate the workflow even further.

6. Seals and Gaskets

Production of low-volume custom seals and gaskets for custom hydraulics / pneumatic applications. Direct feed hot end option.

End Use Products

Production of customized end use objects. Simultaneous flex material printing allows for tailored performance of products such as shoe inserts with individualized features.