Ultrasonic Flaw Detector- Ultra-F1

Highlights :

  • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector has the features of quick and non-destructive testing, high precision and easy to carry.
  • It can test,locate,assess and diagnose a variety of detects within the work piece such as crack, weld, porosity, blister, inclusion and folding.
  • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is widely used in electric power, petrochemical industry, boilers and pressure vessel, steel structure, military industry, aerospace, rail transport automobile, machinery and other fields.
  • It is a requisite equipment in nondestructive testing industry.


Ultra-F1 Main function : 

● High precision positioning and quantifying meets the requirements of close and remote detection;
● Small near-field blind area meets the requirement of small diameter and thin wall pipe detection;
● Automatic calibration: “one key” automatic calibration is very convenient. Automatically test “zero point” “K value” and “frontier” of the prob as well as “sound velocity” of the material;
● Automatically display the defect echo position ( depth-d, horizon-p, distance-s, amplitude, equivalent-dB, aperture value);
● Switch the three scales (depth-d, horizon-p, distance-s) freely;
● Automatic gain, echo envelop and peak memory function improve the detection efficiency.
● Automatically record testing process and available for dynamic playback;
● Φ calculation: straight prob forging flaw detection, find the summit detection wave to convert Φ value;
● 100 independent inspection channels (extensible), are free to enter and store any industry standard of inspection. test block is not necessary;
● Store and playback 500 groups of A sweep waveforms and data;
● DAC, AVG, TCG curves (compensation) can generate automatically and sectional manufacturing. Sample point is not restricted and can be revised and compensated;
● 14 built-in detection standard can be assaulted;
● Free to enter any industry standard;
● Emission pulse width and intensity is adjustable;
● Bscan function, clearly display deflect longitudinal section shape;
● Communicate with computer, realize computer data management and can export Excel format and A4 paper detection report;
● IP65 standard aluminum magnesium alloy shell is durable, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-jamming;
● PC communication software can be used to upgrade the function of instrument system;
● 260,000 color screen display, brightness is adjustable and suitable for strong and weak light work environment;
● High performance security environmental friendly lithium batteries can work continuously for 8-10 hours;
● Real time clock record: record and store real time detection date, time;
● Power off protection, storage data will not lost;
● Detection parameters can be automatically tested and preset;
● Digital rejection, the gain and linear will not be affected;
● Gain compensation: Db attenuation caused by surface roughness, curve, thick workpiece detecting at a long distance and other factors can be revised;
● PC communication software keyboard operation, achieve the goal of computer controlling equipment main body when detecting.

Ultra-F1 Important auxiliary function:

● Angle and K value– two kinds of input methods;
● Echo frequency analysis;
● Power state indication;
● Gate audible and visual alarm;
● DAC sound and light alarm;
● Screen freeze and thaw
● Clock display;
● Dormancy and screen protection

Specifications :

Scan range 0-1000mm steel longitudinal wave
Operating frequency 0.4MHz~20MHz
Vertical linear error ≤3%
Horizontal linear error ≤0.1%
Gain 110dB
Sensitivity allowance > 62 dB (200 mm deep Φ 2 flat bottom hole)
Resolution >40dB(5N20)
Dynamic range ≥32dB
Noise level <8%
Hard sampling frequency 320MHz
Repeat transmission frequency 100~1000HZ
Sound velocity range 100~15000(m/s)
Work style single crystal testing, twin testing, penetration testing
Digital inhibition (0 ~ 80) %, does not affect the linear and gain
Working hours continuous work 10 hours or more (lithium battery)
work temperature (-20 ~ 70) ℃ (reference)
Relative humidity (20~95)% RH
Dimensions 238×155×46(mm)
Weight 1.0KG