Diamond Suspensions

Highlights :

  • Low viscosity, colour coded, high concentration, water (W) or oil (O) soluble suspensions available in two types:
  • WM or OM – Standard grade, containing monocrystalline diamond powder &
  • WP or OP Premier grade containing polycrystalline diamond powder.
  • Uniform suspension of diamond particles.
  • No agitation required.
  • Suitable for dispensing by Kemet Electronic Dispenser or alternative systems.
  • Available in 400g bottles with trigger spray.


KEMET offers :

  • Water Based Monocrystalline Diamond suspension.
    • 1/10 mircon to 45 micron
  • Oil Based Monocrystalline Diamond suspension.
    • 1/10 mircon to 45 micron
  • Water Based Polycrystalline diamond suspension.
    • 1/10 mircon to 25 micron
  • Oil Based Polycrystalline diamond suspension
    • 1/10 mircon to 25 micron

Type KM Liquid Diamond

KM liquid diamond is a low viscosity oil/water emulsion suitable for most applications aimed at the metallographic market. (1/2 micron to 15 micron)

The new formula has the following advantages:

  • Lower viscosity to give better stock removal
  • Less inclusion pullout
  • Spreads better over the polishing cloth
  • Parts are easier to clean after polishing
  • Stable emulsion which does not separate
  • Diamond stays much longer in suspension
  • ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC*) – not classified as an atmospheric pollutant and offer health and safety benefits.

Type AP Diamond Suspension :

Kemet Diamond suspension AP is a high quality alcohol based polycrystalline diamond suspension. It is ideal for polishing specimens which must not come into contact with water. Available in 500ml bottles (other sizes available upon request)

Available in 1,3,6 micron sizes.

Type WX Liquid Diamond .. High viscosity liquid diamond Suspension!

For most applications where a liquid diamond suspension is required, we would recommend Kemet Liquid Diamond Type WM (manufactured with monocrystalline diamond powder) or Kemet Liquid Diamond Type WP (manufactured with polycrystalline diamond powder).

However, for a certain number of specialised applications, where a more viscous liquid diamond is called for, we have developed Type WX.

  • WX is highly suitable for the polishing of metallographic samples.
  • No agitation is required – the diamond remains in suspension.
  • The finely graded diamond powder is uniformly dispersed throughout the Liquid carrier, ensuring the generation of perfect surface finishes.
  • Available in Strong or Extra Strong Concentrations.
  • Water-soluble – components are easily cleaned.
  • Colour coded for ease of identification.
  • Suitable for use on all types of Kemet Lapping and Polishing Plates.
  • Supplied either in 400g, 425g or in 2500 gram (nett) bottles.