IMC-230L – Combo 2-in-1 (Check Weigh & Metal Detection)

Highlights :

  • Compact design,
  • Saves Space,
  • Low Installation & Cost of Ownership,
  • 2 Inspections in single pass,
  • Convenient and effective.
  • Separate rejection for CW & MD inspection,
  • Reliable and affordable.
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-Combo 2-in-1 is an advanced design to accommodate 2 functions of inspection i.e Check Weighing and Metal Detection in one stand alone machine.

-Metal detector and check weigher is perfectly connected in one frame, to achieve lowest requirements of the production line and install the machine in workshop conveniently and effectively

-This offers a compact design, saving space and lowers the installation & Ownership cost.

Specifications :

Detecting Range 20~2000g
Scale Interval 0.1g
Accuracy(Зσ) ±0.2g
Detecting Speed(Max speed) 155pcs/min
Maximum Belt Speed 70m/min
The Weighed Product Size Width 220mm
Length 350mm
Height 70mm 110mm 140mm 170mm
Weigher Platform Size Width 230mm
Length 450mm
Height 80mm 120mm 150mm 180mm
Sensitivity Fe Φ0.5mm Φ0.7mm Φ0.7mm Φ0.7mm
SUS Φ1.2mm Φ1.5mm Φ1.5mm Φ2.0mm
Product Storage Quantity 100 kinds
Segments Number of Sorting 2 or 3
Rejecter Rejecter Optional
Power Supply AC220V (Optional)
Degree of Protection IP30/IP54/IP66
Body Material Stainless Steel (SUS304)

Note : The technical parameter above namely is the result of accuracy by checking only the test sample on the belt. The accuracy would be affected according to the detecting speed and product weight. The detecting speed above will be affected according to the product size to be checked. Requirements for different sizes by customers can be fulfilled.