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For biological and medical applications fluorescence microscopes are used to observe certain parts of living cells and tissues with help of fluorophores. One or more fluophores are added to the parts of the specimen to be observed. When the fluorophores are exposed to so-called exicitation light, the excitation energy is absorbed by the fluorophore that start emitting so-called emission light that can be observed by the microscope. One can distinguish tumor cells from other cells, follow biological processes or prove the presence or absence of antibodies, etc

The microscopes for fluorescence are equipped with an epi-illumination with a 100 W mercury vapor lamp. The fluorescence attachment have a rail for maximum 4 filter cubes. The FluoLed model is equipped with a 455 nm LED and one filter cube, especially developed for efficient and fast detection of tuberculosis by the Auramine-O fluorochrome. Other FluoLED wavelengths are also available.

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