Twin Chamber – Floor Standing Vacuum Packaging

Twin-chamber machines are mobile, plug-in units.

Thanks to the layout with two vacuum chambers, very high packaging outputs are possible.

Whilst the packaging cycle is running automatically in one chamber, the second chamber can be re-loaded..


Why Twin Chambers ?

  • Fast operation cycles,
  • Powerful vacuuming pump,
  • Excellent throughput,
  • Large chamber and sealing sizes,
  • Serves purpose of high volume and larger product sizes,
  • Mobile, plugin devices,
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

What are the Benefits ?

Robust technology in a stylish design
Our machines fit in well visually with any room layout thanks to their stylish yet pared-down design.

Precise sensors
Precise sensors for optimal shelf-life; simple adjustment for individual customer requirements.

Easy to clean, cable-free fastening of the sealing bars. No corners or recesses.

Optimal quality
Optimal quality thanks to the use of high-quality, perfected components – tested in continuous operation!

Custom-made solutions
We produce vacuum machines to the customer’s wishes in special sizes and special equipment variants.

Personal consultation is at the core of our business. We attach particular importance to fairness and transparency.

Process reliability
Our control technology with program memory function permits reproduciblity and quality.

Our service team is available by telephone or to visit your premises.

Our easy-to-maintain design permits effective and simple care of your device.

Specifications :

Model Sealing
Sealing Length(mm) Pump
Internal Dimension
TITAN X 480 Dual 480 63/ 100 610 X 760 X 200
TITAN X 630 S Dual 630 63/ 100 / 160 740 X 660 X 230
TITAN X 630 Dual 630 100/ 160 740 X 860 X 230
TITAN X 850 Dual 850 160/ 250/ 300 960 X 960 X 230
TITAN X 950 Dual 950 160/ 250/ 300 1060 X 860 X 230/280

Above specifications are in short. For detailed technical specifications reach us.

Upgrade Options :

  • Gas flush device for protective gas atmosphere,
  • Single or separately adjustable cut-off sealing,
  • Top/bottom sealing ,
  • Sealing bar can be independently switched on or off,
  • Slow air release,
  • Control at side on a stainless steel arm,
  • Transparent panel in lid,
  • Automatic lid shift,
  • Special accessories.

Video :