Z4 Zoom – Lab

The Z4 Zoom Stereo-microscope on Dual-LED pole stand is a laboratory-grade microscope designed for medical, veterinary, and industrial professionals.

The zoom optics magnify from 7x to 45x with the included 10x eyepieces, producing amazing 3-D depth of focus and clarity for critical applications such as embryo transfer, dissection, dental lab QC, industrial inspection, and electronics rework.


Optional eyepieces and lenses provide magnification options from 3.5x to 180x.The long-life upper and lower LED lights provide variable, cool, daylight illumination for viewing true-color specimens and high-contrast structures. The Z4 Zoom is the perfect choice for demanding professionals performing critical inspections.

Specifications :

Construction :

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Acid and reagent resistant finish

Head :

  • Inclined 45°, rotates 360°
  • 10x / 20 High point eyepieces with rubber eye guards
  • Interpupillary distance 50mm-75mm
  • Trinocular head available

Objectives :

  • 0.7x to 4.5x hard-coated zoom objectives
  • Standard magnification range is 7x to 45x
  • Maximum Magnification 180x with optional lenses

Focus :

  • Large dual focusing knobs with metal rack & pinion
  • Metal pinion gear zoom mechanism
  • Dual position focus rack,
  • Maximum height 7.75” from stage to scope
  • Dual illuminators with variable intensity
  • Transmitted and Incident cool, day light
  • Frosted stage plateSpecimen clips