iScope-Upright-Fluorescence Microscope

Highlights :

  • HWF 10x/22 mm eyepieces
  • Binocular and trinocular models
  • Optional ergonomic tilting head
  • Quintuple revolving nosepiece
  • E-plan, plan and plan fluarex corrected ioS objectives
  • 216 mm x 150 mm rackless stage with integrated X-Y stage
  • Optional ceramic stage
  • Height adjustable abbe condenser n.a. 1.25
  • Coarse and fine adjustment
  • Diascopic intensity adjustable 3 W NeoLED Köhler illumination
  • Epi-fluorescence 100 W HBo mercury vapor
  • Epi-fluorescence 460-495 nm or 510-550 nm 3 W leD
  • iCare sensor for energy saving
  • CSS – Cable Storage System


– For biological and medical applications fluorescence microscopes are used to observe certain parts of living cells and tissues with help of fluorophores.

– One or more fluophores are added to the parts of the specimen to be observed.

– When the fluorophores are exposed to so-called exicitation light, the excitation energy is absorbed by the fluorophore that start emitting so-called emission light that can be observed by the microscope.

– One can distinguish tumor cells from other cells, follow biological processes or prove the presence or absence of antibodies, etc

– The excellent optics and mechanical components make the iScope a state-of-the art microscope that is suitable for fluorescence applications in Life Science and Biotechnical fields

The iScope fluorescence microscopy can be supplied with: (Options)

• 6-position rotating attachment with 100 W mercury vapor light source
• 3-position slider attachment with 100 W mercury vapor light source
• 1-position slider attachment with a 3 W NeoLED 465-475 nm blue light source
• 1-position slider attachment with a 3 W NeoLED 520-530 nm green light source