CCD-Color Camera

Highlights :

  • Extremely well true-to-live colors without any delay
  • Designed for brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast applications
  • Suitable with biological, metallurgical or stereomicroscopes
  • C-mount interface


-The Euromex analog camera VC.3032 offers the perfect solution to modern microscopy for industry and laboratories where real time images are needed. This high-resolution camera can be used for either biological or stereo microscopes.

– The camera is equipped with very sensitive sensors with brightfield and dark field applications as well for phase contrast and with coaxial illumination.

Specifications :

Digital :
Digitizing the images of this analog camera can be done using the VC.5491 frame grabber. Connected to PC using USB-2 this device allows storage of images and videos

Mini-USB Video Grabber (VC.5491) :

This video grabber converts composite or an S-video signal from any analog camera into digital images and sends them to a computer via a USB-2 connection.

Real Time
The real time images generated with this camera provide extremely well true- to-live colors without any delay. Most camera settings are done automatically and make the cameras ideal for real-time inspection, education, and demonstrations. The connection is done using BNC(composite), SCART or S-video for connection to HDMI TV, monitors or beamers.

Product number Sensor Pixels TV lines White balance Sensibility Output Connection
VC.3032 1/2” CCD 473.820 580 auto/manual auto/manual Composite/S-Video C-mount