Tap Zapper Flex

Applicability : 

  • Removes tooling from 0-80 (1.2 mm) up to 2” (50.8 mm) diameter in one pass
  • Low and regular height tables
  • Superstructure swings to work on either table
  • Vertical cross arms with power lift provides rigidity and makes IQ head easy to position


Highlights : 

  • Multiple work surfaces for large parts
  • Salvage parts without damage in minutes
  • IQ head can handle small 0-80 (1.2 mm) up to 2” (50 mm) diameter tooling in one pass
  • Auto Feed eliminates potential operator error and maximizes performance while minimizing electrode usage
  • Disintegrates broken screws, fasteners, bolts and taps with no heat distortion or thread damage
  • Double cross-arms with power lift provide rigidity and easy positioning T-slots make it easy to secure parts

Operating Head Features : 

  • Heavy-duty precision IQ disintegrating head works by creating 50/60 positive arcs per second at the target metal with a molybdenum electrode.
  • Provides 9” (229 mm) of rack and pinion travel.
  • Built-in LED current monitoring indicator color-coded to maximize operator feed control.
  • Operates at any angle. Can be rotated 360 degrees around the crossarm axis. Head body is hard chromed 31 / 4 ” (83 mm) diameter, precision ground to .002” (.05 mm) runout.
  • Feed scale graduated in 1 / 16” (1 mm) increments.
  • Anti-Fall system prevents mishaps.
  • Built-in thermal protection to prevent overheating.