Crankshaft Plus

Applicability : 

  • Fixture to clamp parts for absolute positioning
  • Large works surface to using with other parts
  • Reclaim parts without damage in minutes
  • Double crossarms with power lift for rigidity and easy positioning
  • IQ Head for 0-80 (1.2 mm) up to 1 1/4” (32 mm) diameter tooling in one pass
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Highlights : 

  • Crankshaft fixture with clamping for absolute positioning
  • “Plus” 40″ x 32″ work surface with five 5/8” T slots,
  • Disintegrates broken screws, fasteners, bolts and taps without heat distortion or thread damage
  • Disintegrates tooling from #2 (2 mm) up to 1-1/4” (32 mm) diameter in one pass
  • Servo controlled feed system for minimal operator intervention
  • Rigid double cross-arms with power lift for easy positioning
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Other table sizes and options available

Operating Head Features :

  • Precision-spindle disintegrating head operates in any position.
  • Works by making and breaking 120 arcs per second.
  • Manual or servo-controlled operation.
  • Start and Depth Stop switches on the quill block with auto shutoff and 12″ (305 mm) continuous rack-and-pinion feed.
  • Graduated feed scale in 1 / 16″ (1 mm) increments.
  • Quill protected by 2 bellows covers.
  • Automatic Servo Feed works at any angle.