Molybdenum Tubing

Molybdenum Tubing is widely used for

  • Thermocouple sheaths,
  • Semiconductors,
  • Electronic controls,
  • Medical devices,
  • Nuclear and aerospace critical applications,
  • Advanced electronics,
  • Solar thermal management technologies and
  • High temperature furnace parts applications.


Our Molybdenum Tubing provides extreme strength when used in environments with sudden temperature changes and/or a variety of temperature ranges. Molybdenum (Moly) Tubing is used as electrodes for Metal Disintegrators (MDM).

Highlights : 

  • Wide ranges of sizes in stock
  • Custom sizes – ODs and IDs available
  • Pressure tested and cleaned
  • Quick deliveries
  • Shipped in plastic tubes
  • 95% pure molybdenum