Molybdenum Electrodes

Electro Arc’s Metal Disintegrators and Spark Erosion Machines can use any material that conducts electricity as an electrode. However, different materials offer varying levels of efficiency in the process.

It is important to use an electrode material that breaks down less than the work piece.




Materials with low melting points, such as copper, erode as rapidly as the work material, requiring frequent replacement, which adds to your cost. Copper electrodes will get hot. With heat they will bend and warp damaging the hole. Due to their high melting temperature outperforming other electrode materials, we recommend and provide Molybdenum electrodes in a variety of shapes and lengths.

For Molybdenum Electrodes the diameters start at .020″

Selecting the Electrode :

Molybdenum (Moly) Electrodes

Moly Electrodes have a higher melting temperature which means you will erode more of the broken tool and less of the electrode making Moly less expensive to use than other materials.

Graphite Electrodes

When removing large bolts .750″ to 19 mm and up use Graphite Electrodes for optimum performance and value. Graphite Electrodes only work on metal disintegrators with 20KVA or DC power supply.

Square, Hex, and custom Graphite Electrodes are available upon request.