Image Analysis Software for Metallurgical Inspection.

Highlights :

  • Quantification of phases ( ASTM E566, ASTM 1245 ),
  • Inclusions ( ASTM E454 / E1245 ),
  • Grain Size ( ASTM E112 ),
  • Nodularity (ASTM A247),
  • Porosity (ASTM A276),
  • Decarburization (ASTM E1077), &
  • Coating thickness (ASTM B487)


– Our range of Image analysis systems provides a single fully integrated analytical tool for study and documentation of microstructures using fast and automatic image processing techniques.

– The image analysis is achieved by capturing the picture through a high resolution color digital camera interfaced to the camera port of the metallurgical microscope.

– The image is imported onto a  PC by a specially designed image acquisition card for preview and storage.

– Materials Plus module provides a customized report generator or reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel.


Image Analysis
-Measurement tools: calibration, length, angle, perimeter, width, radius, area, circle, color, counting
Metallographic Tools
– Particle measurement,
– Segmentation,
-Grain size (Manual, Manual circle, Manual line, Comparison, Automatic circle, Automatic line, ALA, Selection),
– Decarburization,
– Nodularity,
– Flake,
– Coating thickness (Psuedo-color, Parallel-line, Trace, Selected Coating) ,
– Inclusion,
-Porosity (Porosity, Selected area)