Residual Bone Inspection : TXR-BDE Series

Highlights :

X-ray Inspection System TXR-BDE Series

  • Compared with traditional single-energy inspection, TXR-BDE series applies to dual-energy X-ray inspection technology, achieving higher sensitivity and inspection rate,
  • TXR-BDE series can identify foreign bodies such as rubber, bone with near density,
  • Without the effects caused by irregular and overlap,


– Suitable for in-line inspection of the residual bone fragments in meat processing, For instance, it is suitable for inspecting the residual collarbones, fan rib, shoulder blades etc in chicken.

Specifications :

Model TXR-4080BDE
X-ray Tube MAX. 80Kv, 320W
Maximum Inspection Width 400mm
Maximum Inspection Height 100mm
Best Inspection Ability SUS BallΦ0.3mm、SUS WireΦ0.2*2mm
Conveyor Speed 10-40m/min
Operating Environment Temperature: -10~40°C Cooling Method: Industrial Air Conditioning
Humidity: 30-90%, Frosting-free Humidity Control: Dehumidifier
X-ray Leakage < 1 Microsievert per hour
Protection Method Removable Protective Curtain
Alarm Sound and light alarm; Rejector is optional
Power Supply AC220V, 15Kva Max, 50/60Hz
Levels of Protection IP66
Main Material SUS304