Packaged Product Inspection : TXR Series

Highlights :

X-ray Inspection System TXR Series

  • Excellent Product Applicability,
  • Perfect Software Feature,
  • High Performance and Stability,
  • Defects Inspection Function,
  • High-specification Hardware Configuration,
  • Excellent Operability,
  • Good environment adaptability,
  • Simple to disassemble and easy to clean,
  • Comprehensive and reliable security.


– High Performance and Stability TXR Series X-ray Inspection System

– A full range of contaminants inspection including metallic, non-metallic contaminants ( Glass, -Ceramic, Stone, Bone, Hard Rubber, Hard Plastic, etc.).

– It can inspect metallic, non-metallic packaging and canned goods, and the inspection effect will not be affected by temperature, humidity, salt content and etc.

– The X-ray inspection system is suitable for the inspection of metallic and non-metallic contaminants, defects etc in Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries.

Specifications :

Model TXR Series
Specifications 2480 4080 4080S 4080SL 4080SH 5080S 5080SH 6080SH
X-ray Tube MAX. 80kV,
MAX. 80kV,350W
Inspection Width 240mm 400mm 500mm 600mm
Inspection Height 110mm 160mm 100mm 220mm 160mm 250mm 300mm
Best Inspection Ability SUS BallΦ0.3mm、SUS WireΦ0.2*2mm SUS BallΦ0.4mm,SUS WireΦ0.2*2mm
Conveyor Speed 10-70m/min 10-40m/min
Display Screen Full-color TFT 15″ Touch Screen
O/S Window XP Professional
Connectivity LAN port, USB port
Product Management Complete Product Log
Parameter Adjustment Auto setting/Manual learning
Image Management Image Save/Print/Analysis
Power Supply AC220V (Optional)
Main Material SUS304
Purification Easy to Wash
Temperature Adjustment Industrial Air Condition
X-ray Leakage < 1 microsievert per hour
Protection Mode Removable Protective Curtain

Note : The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by inspecting only the test sample on the belt. The sensitivity would be affected according to the products being inspected.