Gravity Fall MD – IMD-I-P Series

Highlights :

Metal Detector IMD-I-P Series

  • Compact design, small occupied space,
  • Rapid rejecting mechanism, to reduce the waste of the materials,
  • In line with the GMP requirements, easy to install and to clean,
  • Circuit design is more stable than traditional analog machine and also a higher sensitivity,
  • Special design of the mechanical structure, to effectively avoid the external interference like vibration, noise, product effect, etc.


– The first digital gravity fall metal detector introduced Worldwide.

– Suitable for the Powder, Granule or other forms of products.

Specifications :

Model IMD-I-P
Detection Detection Alarm Pressure Power Main Sensitivity1
Diameter(mm) Capacity t/h2 Mode Requirements Supply Material Φd(mm)
75 3 Automatic 0.5Mpa≥ AC220V Stainless 0.5 1.2
100 5 Flap (Optional) Steel 0.7 1.5
150 10 Rejecter (SUS304) 0.8 1.5

Note : The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by detecting only the test sample on the belt. The sensitivity would be affected according to the products being detected, working condition and also the different positions the metal mixed with. Detecting capacity per hour is related to product weight, the value of the table is according to the density of water (1000kg /m3).Requirements for different sizes by customers can be fulfilled.